Tiny Talks 14: Families Are Forever


Tiny Talks Volume 14: Families Are Forever
Heidi Doxey
Illustrated by Corey Egbert

There’s nothing quite like the panic of realizing halfway through sacrament meeting that your child is assigned to speak in Primary. But now you don’t have to worry. Volume 14 of the popular Tiny Talks series offers a full year of talks and lessons featuring the 2014 Primary theme, “Families Are Forever.”

Each Tiny Talk contains

  • A gospel-oriented story that focuses on the theme of the week
  • A matching scripture verse to expand on the ideas in the story
  • A reference to a visual aid from the Gospel Art Book
  • A list of suggested illustrations your child can draw to accompany the story
  • A thoughtful question to discuss with your family

These simple, spiritually enhancing stories will teach your children their divine nature and reinforce the lessons they’re learning in Primary this year. Whether it’s used at church or during family home evening, Tiny Talks is the perfect resource to help children, parents, and leaders discuss the precious truths of the gospel all year long.

Product Details
Title: Tiny Talks vol. 14: Families Are Forever
Heidi Doxey, illustrated by Corey Egbert
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Incorporated/CFI
Publication date: 11/12/2013
Pages: 96
ISBN: 978-1-4621-1357-6
Price: $8.99

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